Sunday, 14 June 2009

Beskid 106 - Polish Renault Twingo

Everybody knows Renault Twingo, the French small town car, presented in 1993, but not everybody knows that it was based on a polish car called Beskid 106. Renault develops Twingo after expiration of Beskid patent applied by FSM.

Beskid 106 was presented in 1983. The development of the construction has taken about 2 years. The effect on the work was pretty car with aerodynamic profile what makes consumption of the fuel really amazing, about 3,9 litre per 100km.
The engine for the Beskid 106 was taken from Fiat 106p and Fiat 126 BIS, but there was really big difference between car from Turin. The gearbox got another 5 gear. That increases maximal speed to 120km/h. The boot has an enormous capacity: 800 litres after folding rear seats. Next advantage of Beskid was cost of production. Because the amount of steel taken for production one car, was a half less than in Fiat 126p, the car could become good competition for Fiat.

The mass production has never started, because Fiat introduces in 1987 plans of Cinquecento, and FMS finds, that buying a license for production for the Cinquecento from Fiat will be the better solution, that improving own construction.


  1. Wow it is interesting that it was based on a polish car called Beskid 106. I even didn't know that such car like Beskid exist but I belive because it sounds polish ;) Like radio manufacture Kasprzak or other devices. Someday I was wondering if only here in Poland we use to call out prototypes by real polish names. For me it is good, nowadays it is almost to see a polish device produced in poland with real polish name like Unitra or sth like that. Ok besides beer names like Ciechan, Tatra etc. ;)

  2. wow, I didn't know that. Really it's sad, that we don't have car industry in poland. But there is light on the end of tunnel, have you heard about leopard automobilie? that's polish luxury car maker.. their products look prommising

  3. Wow, I have to ask my parent if they have ewer heard about such a car! It is of course very sad that the mass production of this model never started. It would be nice to have our own polish city cars.

  4. Polish concepts and ideas were great, but it always were some problems with money etc. As in the erlier topic was mentioned, there was Fiat 126p cabrio and there was also FSO Polonez Coupe:

  5. I have heard about Beskid some time ago in some magazine. Its pity that this car wasnt launched. Maybe it would be something with better abroad reputation than famous polonez :)